Coin Stories and Appraisal at Museum

Coin Stories and Appraisal at Museum
Posted on 12/27/2017

An informative presentation of “Coin Stories and Appraisal” will be held on Monday, January 15 at 1 p.m. at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum, 110 W. Fremont St.

Coin Stories begins with a 25 minute slide presentation by Ron Beckstrom about the history of coins, with a focus on U.S. coins and covers things like: Why do we toss a coin to decide an issue? In addition, you will learn where the name “dollar” came from, why we call a quarter “two bits” and many other fun facts related to our money. Throughout this presentation, Ron will answer any questions that you may have.

Following the presentation Ron will provide an "Antiques Roadshow" style appraisal event. Each participant may bring 3 - 4 coin or currency items to be evaluated.  Ron will roam the room to hold up your items, tell any interesting stories about them and of course, tell everyone what they are worth. 

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